Getting Ready

Before the arrival of the Middle School sisters, the College Sisters huddled to review the schedule and any last minute assignments.

Middlebury Branch member Liane Barrera (in pink shirt below) helped everyone to get organized.
The November 2006 Sister-to-Sister Summit at Middlebury College -- A Photo Review
Lots of motivational signs about friends and sisters had been hung all over the Kirk Alumni Center to set the stage.
Meanwhile, Middlebury Branch members started to prepare the enormous amount of food that
would be consumed during the day.
Photographs by Gudrun Hutchins
AAUW of Vermont

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Then the Middle School Sisters arrived -- over 50 of them! Although they had pre-registered, it got very busy as everyone picked up their folders and ----
---- chose their workshops.

College Sisters Madeline and Lacee (below) helped the Middle School Sisters
with this task.
The excitement and anticipation showed on the faces of the Middle School Sisters!