Sister-to-Sister Summit
at Middlebury College

The third Sister-to-Sister Summit took place at the Kirk Alumni Center on the Middlebury College campus on November 18, 2006. More than thirty College Sister (including the performers) contributed to the day. Over fifty Middle School Sisters arrived to participate in the events that had been planned for them. Your webmaster had the priviledge of observing and photographing the sisters so that she could share some of the highlights with you.

Please see the tightly scheduled plan for the day below. Photos are included for the starred (*) events. The two "Hot Topic" discussion sessions were off limits to adults and photographers.
Plan for the Day

8:00  Getting Ready *
8:30  Registration *  Breakfast*  Small Groups*
9:15  Opening Remarks
9:25  Icebreaker Activity *
9:50  Workshop 1

10:45  Hot Topics 1

11:30  What is Diversity?
12:00  Mischords A Cappella Performance*
12:20  Lunch and Group Picture*
1:00    Riddim World Dance Troupe Performance*
1:15    Workshop 2

2:00   Hot Topics 2

2:50   What it Means to be a Sister
3:05   Evaluations and Journals*
3:20   Small Groups*
3:35   Slide Show and T-shirt Awards*
3:50   Concluding / Farewell Remarks

Link to Photo Review of Sister-to-Sister Summit

Home Page

Yoga *
Creative Writing *
Beauty is State of Mind
Mean Girls
Boy Oh Boy
MySpace or Yours

Beauty is State of Mind
Mean Girls
Boy Oh Boy
MySpace or Yours
Please forgive me for not
identifying Instructors,
Dancers, and Singers by name.

I did not know their names,
only their function at the event.
I did want to include
everyone's photo!