AAUW of Vermont Board of Directors
Minutes of the February 12, 2005 Leaders Meeting
Mitchell Green Room, McCullough Student Center
Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

Leaders Present
Dorothy Rand (VT president), Margie Randall, Middlebury; Kimberly Swartz (C/U Coordinator), Sandra Lindberg, Burlington; Kathy Corrao (LAF), Randolph; Louise Luring (public policy), Martha Fenn, Brattleboro; Gudrun Hutchins (communications), Jennifer Kern (membership), Judy Murphy, Mary Kirkpatrick, Bennington. The Central Vermont Branch was not represented.

Plans for State Convention on April 30
Burlington Branch Co-President Sandra Lindberg and Kim Swartz summarized plans for the Vermont state convention which will be hosted by the Burlington Branch.

Title and Theme: “Women’s Worth in the World”
Date: Saturday April 30, 2005 from 9 – 3:15
Location: The International Center, St. Michael’s College, Winooski
Primary Program components:
Keynote Speaker: Louise Diamond, CEO of The Peace Company in Bristol, author of The Peace Book. She will focus on global diversity
Panel Discussion  “Education in Action” Moderated by Madeline Kunin. Panel members Susan Jenkins, Lynn Vera, Carey Brown (Rosie’s Girls), focus on educational diversity, format TBD
EF Fellow: State Climatologist Lesley Ann Dupigny-Giroux
Kids on the Block -- focus on diversity issues, body image.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Jenifer Ambler reported an operating account balance of $2,744.79 and confirmed that we can afford to assist some members with expenses to the next biennial AAUW conference to be held in Washington DC.

Stipends to Convention in Washington DC
After some discussion, the leaders present voted to create 5 stipends of $300 each. Two of the stipends will go to Dot Rand (state president) and Andrea Weisberg (incoming state president-elect). The other 3 stipends will be reserved for first time attendees at a national AAUW convention. First timers will need to apply for a stipend on an application to be mailed to branch presidents no later than March 1. The application will also be posted on the state website. Applications are due to Dot Rand on or before April 15. The $300 stipends will cover only a fraction of the cost of attending convention.

The 2005 Biennial AAUW Convention will be held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC from June 24-27, 2005. The spring Outlook will contain convention information and registration forms and is scheduled to be mailed in March. The registration charge for the convention will be $345 and the cost of a double room in the convention hotel will be $190/night plus tax for a double.

LAF: Kathy Corrao reported that Vermont sent in a total of $1,564 in LAF contributions in 2004. This is a record for us. The contributions came from 4 branches and the 2004 State Convention raffle.

EF: Andrea Weisberg reported that Vermont EF contributions increased from $3,025 in 2003 to $4,210 in 2004. This included contributions from all branches and several individuals.

Gudrun Hutchins reported on the Eureka Project, a math/science/technology enrichment program for 8th grade girls held after school at the Mt. Anthony Middle School in Bennington. A description and photos are on the state website.

Dot Rand reported on the Sister-to-Sister conference being held at Middlebury College on February 19th. Much of the work – including fundraising and recruitment of students public school students – has been done by Middlebury College students who are receiving college credit for the project.

Public Policy
We discussed the possibility of getting together for an informal Legislative Day for interested AAUW members. Louise Luring will look into the best time for bills of interest will give us a one or two week notice. Whoever can come will visit committees and get together for lunch. Louise will also let leaders know when specific bills need our input or emails. Louise reported that Brattleboro Branch members had an interesting discussion about social security and current efforts to change it at one of their meetings and suggested that other branches explore this topic and its implications for women

Jennifer Kern discussed the hoops various branches had to go through to get their membership lists updated with national. She has been in contact with branch membership chairs and passing on ideas and tips for recruitment. She urged members to email records@aauw.org  to request that email addresses and contact information not be shared any other organization. The treasurer or membership chair can do this for the whole branch when sending in contact information. Jennifer also showed examples of the brochures that can be obtained at no cost on line in limited quantities.
(To order go online go to www.aauw.org click member center, enter member ID, choose “Forms” on left list. Under Branch forms choose the second to last “Supply Order Form” and enter the information. You can have it sent to yourself or to someone else.)

Mailing Label Update /  Copy Deadline for Spring Newsletter
Gudrun asked branches to update the mailing label data base for the spring state newsletter mailing – each branch received the current branch list, an addressed envelope, and a request to return the corrected version no later than March 25.
All articles written by state officers and all information about the state convention should also reach Gudrun by March 25.

Ideas for the Future
Dot asked branch presidents what they would like to see initiated or pursued statewide that would help strengthen their branch. Opinions varied – some branches are happy as they are, others feel that a statewide effort in support of an issue like health care would let members know that we were doing something that impacts them directly and energize the group. Most branches feel strongly about something connected with education such as raising money for the Educational Foundation (or for local fellowships in the case of Brattleboro).

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