American Association of University Women of Vermont

The New Vermont Pay Equity Law

The Vermont Commission on Women, the Civil Rights Unit of the Vermont Attorney General, Vermont Federation of Business and Professional Women, the Vermont Livable Wage Campaign, and the American Association of University Women of Vermont are working together to inform Vermont workers and employers about wage discrimination.

A revised, updated brochure Equal Pay: Your Rights and Obligations as a Vermont Employee or Employer outlines Vermont’s equal pay laws and includes the new law signed by Governor Douglas on April 28, 2005 giving all Vermont workers the right to disclose wages without fear of retaliation. This new law enables workers to discover if they are being paid equitably, prohibits wage nondisclosure agreements, and protects employees from discharge, discipline or discrimination when disclosing their wages. You can download the color or black and white version of the brochure in PDF format here.

In addition to outlining the new law, the Equal Pay brochure helps employers understand the legal definition of equal work and situations where employees can be paid different wages.  Employees learn what rights they have as workers, and what to do when they suspect pay discrimination.  A specialized tool, the “Equal Pay Audit,” that can be used to protect every workplace against pay equity violations is also part of the brochure..

Speakers are available to address this issue. Please call the Vermont Commission on Women at 800-881-1561 for more information.

College educated women are not immune to gender discrimination in pay.
For data on the earnings of College Educated Women in Vermont
and in the United States as a whole click this link

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