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Results of the Vote to Restructure AAUW of Vermont

This was the first state-wide vote that was managed by our four Vermont branches. Branch leaders were very effective in informing branch members and encouraging them to vote. State-wide, 70% of our members participated. The vote was unanimously YES – for restructuring and streamlining AAUW of Vermont.

The following table lists how many members voted in each branch:

Branch   MembersVotes      Percent

Bennington         52               38     73%

Brattleboro  4032            80%

Burlington   29               15                    52%

Middlebury  25       17                    68%

State-wide        146             102                    70%

What are the next steps?

1. We had originally scheduled a binding vote by the members of the current state board,
   which includes branch presidents. Our proposal stipulated that this vote needed to pass
   by a super majority of 80% for restructuring to take place. However, board members
   have already voted as members of their branches. Since there was not a single NO
   vote, state board members will not need to vote a second time. This step of our
   proposal will be omitted.

2. State dues will no longer be collected. State dues already collected this summer and fall
   for fiscal year 2013-2014 will be refunded to the branches. Each branch will receive a
   check from the state treasurer and each branch can decide how to use this money.

3. The three state officers required by the new structure will be officially elected in the
   spring of 2014; they will take office on July 1, 2014. The officers are: an administrator, a
   treasurer, and a secretary, the minimum number of officers required by Vermont state
   law and by national AAUW. Fortunately, we have a strong volunteer candidate for each
   position. This election will be state-wide, but will also be managed by the branches.

Peg Galgano, President 2010-2014
AAUW of Vermont

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