AAUW of Vermont Board of Directors
Minutes of October 2, 2004 Leaders Meeting
Langevin House, Vermont Technical College

Leaders present: Dorothy Rand (president), Maureen Williams, Middlebury; Kathy Corrao (LAF), Randolph; Louise Luring (public policy), Jennifer Ambler (treasurer), Martha Fenn, Brattleboro; Vivienne Adair, Raylene Lissor, Central Vermont; Judy Murphy, Gudrun Hutchins(communications), Jennifer Kern (membership), Andrea Weisberg (EF), Gail Schonbeck, Bennington. The Burlington Branch was not represented.

Bennington State Senate Candidate Forum
Judy Murphy stated that the forum was a great team effort and the branch considered it an unqualified success. The forum received many favorable spectator comments and great front page newspaper coverage. The following day the County Chair of the Republican Party, who had been trying to micromanage the planning of the event, claimed publicly that the forum was unfair to “his” candidates. Dot Rand congratulated the Bennington leaders for taking this risk.

2004-2005 Vermont Leaders Directory Corrections
The new Vermont Leader Directories prepared by Gudrun were distributed.
There is one error for the Bennington Branch – Andrea Weisberg’s email address is sawarw@adelphia.net as listed in the state officer list.
There are several errors for the Brattleboro Branch with the wrong branch members listed for various positions – the contact information for the members is correct. There is no President-elect; Adelaide Minott is the Program Vice President; Louise Luring is public policy chair and Educational Foundation Chair; Membership and Treasurer are correct; Judith Myrick is Communications Chair and has a new email address ajmyrick@verizon.net ; Barbara Madden is Secretary.
For the Central Vermont Branch, add FAX for Vivienne Adair – 802-229-6348.
Please make these corrections in your copy of the directory.

Affiliates Agreement
Only two branches – Bennington and Randolph – have so far received the countersigned form that indicates their affiliate status. Dot Rand will assist some of the other branches in completing their affiliate agreement. There was discussion about what needed to be done.

Branch Bylaws
All Vermont branches need to prepare updated bylaws. To assist in this process, Gudrun Hutchins compiled a CD for each branch that contains a model branch bylaws document in Word format and suggested fill-ins and changes to the model bylaws (compiled by Gudrun and Dot) in a separate document. The updated branch bylaws can be prepared easily by cutting and pasting between the two documents. The completed branch bylaws need to be approved by Gudrun (acting bylaws chair) to make sure they are in compliance with national and state bylaws. Dot Rand would eventually like a copy from each branch for her file. There was discussion of several bylaws provisions that branches have not followed in recent years. Please contact Gudrun with any questions concerning the bylaws and the updating process.

The CD given to branches also contains a copy of the state bylaws, logos, a branch survey form, and forms connected with the membership dialog. Paper copies of these materials were distributed to all attendees.

Membership Recruitment and Leadership Development
Jennifer Kern presented a number of excellent ideas for recruiting new members and gave hand-outs of recruitment tools to all branches. She proposed a one-day state-wide membership and leadership development conference held in the next spring or fall and asked whether branches would support this. Hollie Bagley and/or Barbara Hyle were suggested as potential leaders who live within driving distance. In order for this conference to be successful each branch would need to commit to sending at least four leaders including the president and membership chair. There will be further discussions on this potential training conference at the winter board meeting.

Nominating Committee
Kathy Corrao, Gail Schonbeck and Gudrun Hutchins were elected as a nominating committee to develop a slate of state officers for election at the state convention.

Jenifer Ambler distributed a summary of 2003 – 2004 operating income and expenses. We had a surplus for the year. For fiscal year 2004 – 2005 the board accepted a proposed budget of $2060 based on 215 members. This represents a 10% increase over last year and appears to be achievable. There was a discussion concerning state officer expenses which have been donated by several of the board members. The expenses for Dot and Andrea attending the Leadership Conference were only partially covered by national AAUW this year. Jenifer announced that we have a total of approximately $5800 at this time. We will be able to give some assistance to board members planning to attend the national convention in Washington in June 2005.

Public Policy
Louise Luring discussed sending emails to branch contacts when action is needed in the Vermont Legislature. The board discussed a Legislative Day for AAUW during the Vermont Legislative Session, since the joint Legislative Day by Common Cause, the League of Women Voters and AAUW was discontinued last year. Louise suggested that we could reserve the rear part of the cafeteria and invite our legislators to join us for lunch there. The rest of the day we could observe committees. We will choose a date and make more definite plans at the February Board Meeting.

AAUW Educational Foundation
Andrea Weisberg announced that the Educational Foundation awarded more than 3.5 million dollars in fellowship and grants for the 2004 – 2005 academic year. Our Educational Foundation is the largest funding organization for fellowships for women in the world! Andrea detailed the numbers and categories of fellowships; the largest sums were for PhD Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship to American Women ($1.62 million) and International Fellowships ($1.146 million). Branch and individual contributions for 2004 must be received by Andrea no later than Dec. 6, 2004.

Legal Advocacy Fund
Kathy Corrao explained that the Legal Advocacy Fund will become a special program fund of the Educational Foundation, provided the Internal Revenue Service approves this change. The expenses of a separate corporation are too high for LAF and this change will allow most of the money donated by AAUW members to go to plaintiffs rather than be used for administration. The purpose of LAF will not change. Kathy stated that LAF contributions from 4 branches have been very generous this year; 2 branches have not yet contributed to LAF in 2004. Branch and individual contributions for 2004 must be received by Kathy no later than Dec. 28, 2004.

Central Vermont Branch
President Vivienne Adair announced that the branch has recruited 16 paid members – 15 is the required number to start a new branch or re-active an old one. There were congratulations all around. The branch held a pot luck dinner for its September meeting; unfortunately it was poorly attended. Future plans call for lunch meetings which the majority of members may find easier to attend. The branch still needs to complete the affiliate agreement and bylaws before it is fully accepted by national AAUW; however, a major hurdle has been crossed. 

Membership Dialogue
The 13 members present at the board meeting went through the membership dialogue process. 12 of those present chose to admit any individual to AAUW membership who supports the mission and policies of AAUW. One person preferred no change to membership eligibility. President Dot Rand requested that branches hold membership dialogues so that our voice will be heard. Results must be sent in prior to November 15. The form and additional process information is on the CD distributed by Gudrun at the beginning of the board meeting.

State Convention 2005
The Burlington Branch will host the State Convention. Preferred dates chosen were April 30 and May 14. A global or international theme was discussed. Dot will meet with the Burlington Branch to consider the date and program options. The final date will be communicated to branch and state leaders as soon as it is determined.

Winter Board Meeting
Preferred dates chosen were February 5 and February 12. In the interim Dot Rand has been in touch with Middlebury College and has reserved the Mitchell Greene Room for February 12. Please enter our board meeting on Saturday, February 12, 2005 in Middlebury on your calendar and on the first page in your leaders directory.

Submitted October 12, 2004
Gudrun Hutchins

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