AAUW of Vermont Board of Directors

Minutes of September 22, 2007 Leaders Meeting
Chandler Theater & Kimball Library, Randolph, Vermont

Leaders Present:
Louise Luring, Jenifer Ambler, Marty Fenn, Brattleboro; Kathy Corrao, Randolph; Peg Galgano, Dot Rand, Middlebury.

Kathy Corrao chaired the meeting in the absence of Andrea Weisberg and Dot Rand took the notes on which this Recap is based.

Please Note: A quorum of the majority of board members was not present at this meeting. Any decisions need to be ratified by an electronic vote of the majority of the board members.
(See result of electronic vote at end of minutes.)

National Convention
Written report from Susan Stein -- the complete report will be in the October Green Mountain AAUW

Susan attended her first sessions on Saturday including the presentation by Sherry Schiller (AAUW Strategic Process Consultant) who framed the future of AAUW. The 6 Board members present viewed the DVD of her talk “Phoenix Rising” and found much to think about, for us at the state level and for our branches. Sherry urged the convention to pass the by laws amendments; they were passed unanimously on Sunday. All references to IFUW were removed from the bylaws except for the provision for international reciprocity. Susan attended a number of workshops and both the EF and the LAF dinners. If anyone wants more information on The National Girls Collaborative Project (STEM) or the Virgina Guildersleeve International Fund, Susan will be glad to share her information. 

One of the highlights of Convention was a presentation by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea.  Each state received a copy of the book and Vermont’s is in the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro.

One final note, with the financial health of AAUW in question, it is unclear if there will actually be a convention in 2009 which is scheduled for St Louis.

Vermont State Convention 2008 
We had a very constructive discussion on who, where and when.  Brattleboro should be next, since Central Vermont is closing and Randolph is too small to undertake a state convention alone.  Diane Telford, State Program chair, is willing to be involved with program planning.  Kathy Corrao volunteered to be registrar.  We felt we (the state leaders) should take on more of the work and find out as early as possible if Patricia Ho will need special time set aside for Regional/National issues

Because we must attract younger members if we want to see our branches survive, we talked about looking for topics that appeal to more than our generation. We would be more likely, for instance, to attract women with school age children if we included many of the same topics included in Sister-to-Sister Summits, the issues of middle school girls. After all, most of us have grandchildren and we should know more about their lives. As far as we can tell, no new program material is coming from staff and board members at the national level.

We wondered if we collaborated with another woman’s organization and brought a program to Vermont Law School well before the end of their term, we might develop a program that involved stimulating interaction with the law students and might attract students from other colleges. We know we will have a speaker with an EF Fellowship.  We located a Fellow at UMass, Amherst who is focusing on economics, a topic of importance to women and girls.  We felt we wanted to look for something entertaining as well. The cost of someone from the Humanities Council isn’t prohibitive.

Treasurer’s Report
Jenifer Ambler stated that we have 147 paid AAUW members as of September 21. The total dues paid are $1,029. Our yearly costs paid for out of state funds are approximately $1200. Our total assets are $4,009.23 in the checking account and $3, 207 in our CD. The reason for the large amount of cash is that Jenifer expected to pay stipends to those attending convention in Phoenix.  We suggested that the board approve putting $1500 in either our current CD or a new one. This item needs the approval of the majority of board members.

We also agreed that with that amount in cash we could afford to pay rent for our meeting place for the 2008 state convention, giving us more options.

Jennifer Kern’s written report was very long and she was not there to take questions. The National Office mailed membership packets to every branch membership chair on August 2nd.  There are many new brochures, not all of them ready for distribution.  Some can be downloaded.  There is a new form, which can be downloaded, to send in for each new member. The form asks us to list the recruiter for each.  Several of us asked for the new list of MALs in Vermont.  One of the new brochures “AAUW Working Together,  mission-based programs” seems to be one we all need now. Are they in the packet sent to membership? Another one is “Equity, Make It Real”.

Public Policy
Louise Luring explained that the new Public Policy Brochure is not ready.  She distributed a handout on AAUW issues which might be of interest to us. The list includes CIVIL RIGHTS, ECONOMIC RIGHTS, EDUCATION AND TITLE IX.   There are resources and information on most of these issues at aauw.org.  Use the Two-Minute Activist for tips

Louise asked -- could we get the Legislative Day in Montpelier started again?  If we can’t afford the cost of lunch at the hotel, could we do it some other way such as eating in the cafeteria? The lunch with a speaker used to be co-hosted with 2 other organizations, one withdrew and the other felt we couldn’t promise the minimum number of lunches required.

College/University Partners
Kim Swartz sent a report.  Included was a list of speakers at St. Michaels on Economic Justice The events are coming up quickly, (9/12, 10/2 11/7) but we thought we should keep the list of speakers in case we might ask some of them to speak at state convention.

Kim hopes someone else will take her place, but she is even willing to share the job if that makes it more attractive.  She is wondering who is the C/U rep. at Marboro College?

Dot Rand spoke by phone with Diane Telford and combined her comments about Special Projects with Diane's questions.  For now, it looks as if the only program information coming from staff is a) Education as the Gateway to Economic Security, introduced in 2005 or b) the National Girls Collaborative Project (STEM science technology, engineering and math).  There are plenty of ideas beyond pay equity to present.  Many women need to learn negotiating skills. There is the whole field of managing money, from girls with baby sitting money to retirees. College graduates have very real problems paying off college loans before penalties set in. Women could be better investors, with some financial help which is neutral, unbiased and trusted.

The six leaders liked Gudrun’s idea of a Scavenger Hunt for specific documents or pieces of information to acquaint members with our new national website www.aauw.org  The Scavenger Hunt will be posted on the state website and published in the October state newsletter. The names of members who complete the scavenger hunt will be entered in a drawing for $100. It was suggested that some  branches hold a branch meeting and all the members could navigate the web together. By putting the filled-in Scavenger Hunt under the branch name for the drawing, the $100 would go to our branch treasury if we won.  We need authorization from the majority of board members to spend $100 for the scavenger hunt prize.

Vermont Commission on Women Liason
We recommend that Louise Luring be nominated to serve as our liaison to VCW. The position is currently vacant.

Recorder: Dot Rand

Electronic Vote Questions

A request for an electronic vote on the following three questions was sent to all board members by Gudrun Hutchins on September 27, 2007.

1. Authorize Jenifer Ambler to put $1500 from the cash account into a CD

2. Authorize $100 to be spent for the prize for the Scavenger Hunt to familiarize additional members with the national web site.

3. Nominate Louise Luring for the vacant position of Vermont Commission on Women Liaison.

Result of Electronic Vote

11 out of 14 board members replied. All voted yes on all three questions.
The remaining members did not reply.

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