AAUW of Vermont Board of Directors
Minutes of the September 30, 2006 Leaders Meeting
Chandler Theater, Randolph, Vermont

Members Present: Kathleen Corrao, Jennifer Kern, Diane Telford, Andrea Weisberg, Marty Fenn, Tina Glosser, Vivienne Adair, Louise Luring, Jenifer Ambler, Dot Hart Rand, Peg Galgano, Jean Andrews, Judy Murphy

Treasurers Report - Jenifer Amber
Jenifer gave a detailed account of our finances and provided hand-outs. We currently have a balance of $3274.86.

Membership - Jennifer Kern
Jennifer explained the new Member-Get-A-Member Campaign and reported that a packet was sent in Sept. to all branch membership chairs.

Public Policy - Louise Luring
Louise discussed the Woman to Woman Voter packet and the information on the website on policy positions.

Educational Foundation - Kathy Corrao
Kathy reported that she has received $1275 from 4 branches. Jan. 10th is the deadline to send in contributions to National for this calendar year.. She said her branch is raffling a quilt to raise money and referred to the Fund Facts - 101 ways to raise money, which is on the EF website.

College/University Representative Kim Swartz was absent but it was noted that if a branch has a college/university contact to send on that information to Kim.

Vermont Commission on Women - Tina Glosser
Tina reported that the Women’s History Website will be ready by June ‘07 on the government website. Louise suggested a link to the AAUW website. Tina said the Commission is brainstorming in four areas:
  • Leadership and Public Life
  • Economic Equity and Security
  • Education and Human Development
  • Health Safety and Civil Rights

Tina is serving on the Education and Human Development Committee. Their topics include:
  • Reduce relational aggression for Vermont Girls;
  • Strengthen existing Hazing/Harassment/Bullying (HHB) laws;
  • Increase math/science/technology education opportunities for girls & women (Girls Lego project - collaborate with Girl Scouts. Out of School Time opportunities. School-day instruction).

Tina asked for information on the Sister-to-Sister program for discussion. Dot Rand offered to come to a meeting. The Commission is working on a pilot program to alleviate aggressive behavior in young girls.She would also like a list of what branches are involved with.

General Discussion
  • Louise suggested the president’s list serve to get information.
  • Kathy Corrao noted the book Packaging Girls by Lyn Michael Brown and Sharon Lamb. Brown was an early speaker on Short Changing Girls.
  • There was a discussion also about The Indominable Women book and how to get it.

Special Projects - Dot Rand
  • On Nov. 11 the Middlebury Branch and The Society for the Study of Education in Vermont will be hosting a program on No Child Left Behind.
  • The Sister-To-Sister program is expanding and Wendy Love, Executive Director of the Commission on Women has asked AAUW to consult with them.
  • Financial Literacy and retirement decisions on how to handle what you have.
  • Identity Protection - never write the whole credit card number on a check, never put bills into the mailbox with the flag up, but mail in a post box.
  • AAUW/Florida is giving a program on financial independence for girls.

Report on State Leaders Conference in Washington (June ‘06) - Kathy Corrao and Andrea Weisberg

Kathy reported on the nuts and bolts information on giving; everything is going to be on line. She stated that all conference reports were given with power point presentations and went through the website step by step.
  • Only 43% of members use the website and it would be useful to do a branch program on the website.
  • AAUW recommends that members use it biweekly to see changes and updates. Kathy noted the Washington Update - a weekly report on our issues.
  • The importance of marketing AAUW and the need to recruit youth -- what to keep, what to lose, to move forward.
  • Kathy also noted the history of AAUW Educational Foundation since 1888.

Andrea reported on the 125th anniversary of AAUW and the new logos and calendar to celebrate. She quoted Oprah Winfrey - “We can’t become what we need to be by staying the way we are."
3% of members are 40 or under
8% are women of color
72% of members are over 60
  • Conference leaders predicted that in 15 years there would be no more branches and we would meet via e-mail.
  • Values important to members are education and equity and community impact.
  • National wants to emphasize partnering.

Marcelline Barron is severely ill with cancer and encouraging Patricia Howe to run for the New England Regional Director position on the board. (Recently, Pat Howe has been appointed to the interim position of NE Regional Director.)

IFUW - Finances do not allow AAUW to pay the dues and the leaders wanted to work out a payment plan. IFUW was hardnosed about AAUW paying its share as documented in the bylaws. It was suggested that a caucus form at the convention on this issue but no formal application to do this has been received.

Report on Bennington State Convention (May ‘06)
Judy Murphy reported on the convention which was very well attended and an overwhelming success.

Discussion of State Convention Spring 2007
The Middlebury Branch is hosting the convention which will take place on April 21, 2007 at the Kirk Alumni Center on the campus of Middlebury College.

Peg Galgano, Branch President, discussed the plans so far which include inviting members who live at a distance to come on Friday for a potluck dinner and to visit museums in the vicinity.

They suggested the theme of “Challenges for Women in the 21st century”.  This would be broad enough to include using faculty member Gail Smith’s material Women and Leadership, a course she is preparing to teach at the college in the fall of 2007.  Her field is Women in Sports, but we also thought of including women in Agriculture, and to ask some of the college students from other countries to talk about leaders in their countries.  A suggestion was made to ask women who head Vermont corporations and to seek out non-traditional leaders. Peg asked about paying for the speakers and Jennifer Ambler reported there was $250.00 in the State Treasury for this purpose.

“Forecasting the Future: A Catalyst for Change”
was led by Andrea using material from the State Leaders Convention in June.  There have been some forecasts about major changes to AAUW if we don’t attract younger women and a more diverse group of women in the next 10 years.  Andrea asked for our suggestions. 

1.) Offer parallel branch meetings for young women to meet early afternoon so they could be home before their school age children got home and we would provide care for their pre-school children. Since younger women want to take action on topics of concern to them, they would choose the focus. They might meet only 4 times a year but branch meetings would be open to them as well.

2.)  Address the financial barrier to membership.  Raise money to pay the dues of young women with college loans etc. It was suggested that women could perform services in exchange for dues. Or we could hold fundraisers to pay dues. The idea of different levels of dues was rejected.

3.) Mentor young women working on GEDs, any non-traditional women, so they know AAUW is there for them as well.  All of this would increase our diversity ( ethnic, age, income level). Sister-to- Sister and other projects on campus let college student know about AAUW.

4.)  Set up exhibits of AAUW materials including many brochures, research reports and information about branch programs in local libraries. The exhibits would travel to local libraries on a monthly basis. Members using each library would be asked to straighten that library’s materials.

5.) Use local public access TV for programs and hold meetings to discuss the issues at “mothers meetings” where children are engaged in activities.

6.) Have a traveling program sponsored by AAUW to teach women negotiation skills to gain higher wages, better assignments and jobs.

New business
Andrea has been asked if the State of Vermont AAUW would combine with New Hampshire to form one group.  We provided Andrea with a series of questions to learn more about what they wanted from us.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Recorders Judy Murphy and Dot Rand

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