AAUW Board of Directors
Minutes of January 27, 2007 Leaders Meeting
Mitchell Green Lounge, Middlebury College

Members Present
Bennington – Andrea Weisberg, Jennifer Kern, Judy Murphy, Mary Feidner, Gudrun Hutchins; Brattleboro – Jenifer Ambler, Louise Luring, Martha Fenn; Burlington – Diane Telford, Kim Swartz; Middlebury – Dot Rand, Peg Galgano, Joan Allen; Central Vermont – Vivienne Adair; Randolph – Kathy Corrao.

Recorder: Gudrun Hutchins

Nominating Committee
A nominating committee was appointed to prepare a slate of officers for election at the Middlebury Convention on April 21, 2007. The members of the committee are Dorothy Rand, Louise Luring, and Gudrun Hutchins

Positions for Election:
Program Coordinator
Educational Foundation Coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Web Site Manager

College University Coordinator Kim Schwarz also asked for someone else to take over her position since she is expecting her first child in May. She is willing to mentor the new person but may not be able to attend state meetings and do the correspondence with other institutions in Vermont. The board decided that the state coordinator did not necessarily have to be the Representative of a College University Partner but should be associated with a college, if possible.

Strategic Restructuring of AAUW
Andrea Weisberg discussed the planned strategic restructuring of AAUW. Key items:
Corporate Structure: The AAUW Association and AAUW Educational Foundation will combine
assets and many functions into one tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity to be titled AAUW. The
non-exempt 501(c)(4) corporate structure will be retained for lobbying. If accepted by the
delegates at convention in Phoenix, this restructuring will be completed in 2009.
Board of Directors: The two separate boards for the Association Educational Foundation will be
merged into one board.
Voting: Provisions to call for a vote of the membership by mail or electronically.
Membership: Recruiting younger members is essential.

To find out more go to www.aauw.org and click “Strategic Process on the home page. You will then need to sign in at the member center.

Andrea also pointed out the new unified mission statement for both the Association and the Educational Foundation which should be used in all newsletters and publications:

AAUW advances equity for women and girls
through advocacy, education and research

Middlebury College Symposium on Economic Security
Dot Rand reported on plans for the Middlebury student-planned weekend symposium to be held on March 15 – 17.  Middlebury College was selected by AAUW for this Campus Action Project and received a grant of $5000 to provide a Campus Dialogue “to help students, faculty and staff engage in and address issues related to women’s economic success including work-family balance, career development and pay equity”. Dot serves as AAUW advisor for the project. The symposium will be open to the public and members are invited to attend various portions of it. It will feature a key note speaker on Thursday and panel discussions on various aspects of equal pay on Friday. One of the most important segments may turn out to be a policy writing workshop planned for Saturday. The expectation is that students will learn how “to think critically about the issue and create solutions for more gender-friendly work environments”. Look for additional information on the symposium in the “Upcoming Events” section of this website

After various proposals and complaints about fund raising, national dues, etc., Diane Telford told about her experience selling socks from the “sock lady” based in Vermont. The socks for children and adults are multicolored, are fun, and “sell themselves”. Diane was involved in selling them for a cancer fundraiser and will investigate the details. We may try to sell the socks at the Middlebury Convention. Peg Galgano requested that it be a “soft sell effort” to not interrupt the convention program.

Branch Awards for Mission Based Programs
The branch awards initiated last year will continue this year and information about one or more specific branch program(s) should be sent to a committee composed of Judy Murphy, Marty Fenn, and Joan Allen. The application form is posted on this website (click “News and New Postings” to find the link) and it will be emailed as an attachment to all state officers and branch presidents. Events that can be replicated by other branches are particularly welcome entries. 

State Convention at Middlebury College April 20 - 21
Peg Galgano gave an overview of the plans for convention to be held at the Kirk Alumni Center on Saturday April 21, 2007. The theme will be “Finding our Voice in the 21st Century”. Emerging Voices will be the subject of morning speakers. They will explain how they achieved a leadership position in a traditionally male dominated field or organization and what can be done to bring more women to the table. In the afternoon speakers will talk about achieving Critical Mass and how they feel their organizations are different because women are involved at all levels of leadership. What roles can women play in solving the challenges of the 21st century?

Some of the convention speakers will be:
Cheryl Hanna     Professor at Vermont Law School,  Expert on constitutional law and women
and the law
Judith Irving Irving guided Vermont Interactive Television from a pilot to a thriving 14 site
Amy Sheldon      Natural resource planner and Coordinator of the White River Partnership
for which she administers a $1.3 million grant.
Clair Ayer     State Senator representing Addison County, Majority Whip, RN, and
Middlebury graduate in environmental studies
Kyle Quesnel      A young Cornell Agriculture Graduate who is working as a farmer

There was a discussion on how the presentation by Regional Director Patricia Ho would fit in without being a “downer” at the end of the conference. Andrea and Dot will consult with Patricia.

On April 20, Middlebury Branch members will host members from other branches overnight in their homes. They plan a Pot Luck on Friday evening with a panel of international students. In the afternoon there will be a variety of events including tours of Middlebury College, the College Art Museum, Otter Creek Brewery and others.

For additional information and registration materials look for the Green Mountain AAUW Newsletter to be mailed on March 6 and detailed information on this website

Treasurer’s Report
Jenifer Ambler reported that we are in good financial shape with 181 current branch members. Our net Assets are $6,595 minus some bills outstanding (newsletter, website) and yet to be paid. She reminded state officers that there is money for officer expenses in the budget and that officers can ask to be reimbursed.

The board voted to designate $500 for convention expenses for president Andrea Weisberg and $300 for any other member who wishes to attend the Phoenix National Convention. Several leaders stated that they would not attend because of the long distance or because the timing conflicted with family activities during the week of July 4th. Generally conventions are held a week earlier. Andrea will attend.

Jennifer Kern reviewed a number of membership incentives including student memberships and half price dues after January 1. She encouraged members who recruit a new member to ask their treasurer to put their ID number on the form so that they will be listed under Vermont in the “Hall of Fame” on the national website. Vivienne Adair commented on “give a grad a gift” and how she has sent it to a number of new graduates. She said it also requires a personal note to the recipient to explain what AAUW all about. There was a general discussion about attracting and keeping young people in a gray haired organization – satellites, their own project, etc.

Educational Foundation
Kathy Corrao stated that in 2006 donations were received from five of the six branches. She hoped that all six could participate in 2007.

Legal Advocacy Fund
Mary Feidner talked about the Progress in Equity Award received by the University of Michigan, Dearborn, for college courses taught at the Scott Correctional Facility for Women.

Education Issues
Joan Allen reviewed several items linked to education. She reviewed the third successful sister-to-sister summit and felt that the Middlebury College sisters needed more training to develop their mentoring skills. She spoke about the collaboration of the Middlebury Branch with the Vermont Society for the Study of Education. This group together with the Rutland NE Supervisory Union has filed a law suit challenging the No Child Left Behind law and the cost of its implementation. Joan also spoke about Commissioner Cate’s meetings throughout the state to encourage discussions about school consolidation.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15.

Recorder: Gudrun Hutchins

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