AAUW of Vermont Board of Directors
Minutes of the January 28, 2006 State Leader Meeting
Mitchell Green Lounge, Middlebury College

Leaders Present:
Sandra Lindberg and Jean Nekola, Burlington; Louise Luring, Martha Fenn and Jenifer Ambler, Brattleboro; Kim Raine and Vivienne Adair Central Vermont; Kathy Corrao and Roberta Hislop, Randolph; Dot Rand and Joan Allen, Middlebury; Andrea Weisberg, Jennifer Kern, Judy Murphy and Gudrun Hutchins, Bennington.

After greetings and introductions over coffee, Bette Moffett from the Vermont Society for the Study of Education gave a presentation on the No Child Left Behind federal law. This group together with the Rutland NE Supervisory Union has filed a law suit challenging the law and the cost of its implementation. The presentation provided information on the organization and also asked for the support of AAUW members.

Financial Report:
Jenifer Ambler gave the financial report. Overall we are in good shape financially and have a number of new members. There was some discussion about officer expenses which many of us have not been claiming. This will be discussed again at the fall leadership meeting when the budget will be completed for the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

State Convention Plans:
Judy Murphy outlined plans for the state convention on Saturday, May 6, 2006 in Bennington. A new feature will be a "Fun on Friday" program with museum visits, a pot luck dinner provided by Bennington members and overnight stays with Bennington AAUW members. The details have been posted else where on this website and will not be repeated here. Link to Convention Program There was some discussion about what the second workshop should encompass and this workshop was finalized in early February.

Nominating Committee:
Jennifer Kern reported that Mary Feidner (Bennington Branch) has agreed to be a candidate for the LAF Liaison position. The committee is still looking for a candidate for Assistant Treasurer.

Future Branch Recognition Program:
A committee made up of one member from each branch has been meeting by email to design a branch recognition program and an application form. Kim Raine and Bobbi Hislop were at the meeting to present the committee's recommendations:
Awards should be given for an event or a project that promotes the goals of AAUW.
The application and the process should to be relatively easy.
The process must be such that both large and small branches have a chance to

The committee developed an application form and "beta tested" it with the Eureka Project of the Bennington Branch (a long project) and a one-day public program on Pay Equity given by the Brattleboro Branch. The form was easily used for both projects and in each case took less than two hours to complete. During discussion, this form was modified somewhat by state leaders (for example: substituting "recognition" for "award" to make it sound less competitive). Although the original intent had been to inaugurate this program next year, the decision was made to have the first branch recognitions this year at the state convention in Bennington. A committee of Joan Allen, Kim Raine and Bobbi Hislop was appointed to evaluate applications for 2006 recognition. The revised form has been posted on this website. Branch Recognition Form.

Future Focus:
Dot Rand led a discussion about the new programmatic theme "Education as the Gateway to Women's Economic Security" and how branches could implement programs related to this theme.

The first information segment coming from National AAUW is the report "Drawing the Line: Sexual Harassment on Campus". National has sent Vermont 10 copies of the report to be personally delivered to colleges or universities in Vermont. There was discussion about which institutions should receive them and how (and to whom) they should be delivered.  More information on the report can be found on the national AAUW website and it can also be downloaded or purchased. As part of the effort to build harassment free university campuses, ten institutions have been awarded action project grants on specific projects that can be replicated.

A future theme segment to be released by national AAUW will deal with financial literacy.

Dot asked what help branches need from state leaders and the "theme team". There were few specific requests because branches have not yet started their planning process for next year. Martha Fenn asked for some ideas on a program about discrimination.

Public Policy:
Louise Luring encouraged members to use the two minute activist to make their voice heard on a variety of issues -- especially judicial nominations. She also advocated for the "values workshop" that was detailed in EdEqChange.

Jennifer Kern spoke about the large number of resources for membership recruitment are available on the AAUW website including a recent teleseminar which the Bennington Branch participated in. She compiled a packet of materials and resources for each branch.

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