State Convention Business -- April 25, 2009

The following members were elected to serve as state officers for 2009-2010:

President: Andrea Weisberg
Program Chair: Diane Telford
Membership Chair: Jennifer Kern
Treasurer: Jenifer Ambler
Pubic Policy Chair: Louise Luring
EF and LAF Chair: Kathy Corrao
International Affairs: Peg Galgano
Website, Newsletter and Bylaws: Gudrun Hutchins

In a separate motion, Susan Stein was elected as president-elect and to serve as president from 2010 - 2012. Susan will be living in New Zealand during part of her year as president-elect and will keep in touch by email. She plans to return to Brattleboro in 2010.

Andrea Weisberg announced that AAUW of Vermont will be supporting two Middlebury College Students to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders with $500 each. The young women are Sydney Alfonso and Ashley Cheung. Both are active participants in the Sister-to-Sister program sponsored by the Middlebury Branch and Middlebury College. Liane Barrera spoke briefly about the two young women and the Sister-to Sister program which is now in in fifth year.

Patricia Ho, the New England Regional Director and a
Director-at-Large of the national AAUW board, gave an
update on the Bylaws to be discussed and voted at the
St. Louis Convention in June. She used a chart of current
AAUW programs to explain that nearly all programs and
activities would fall under the new tax deductible umbrella
organization to be named AAUW. A smaller subsidiary, to
be named the AAUW Action Fund, will contain lobbying
and election-related functions. The Educational Foundation
will no longer exist as a separate entity after July 1; the
fellowship and grant functions and endowments will be part
of the AAUW umbrella organization.

As a result of the restructuring, most of out national dues
will be tax deductible in the future. For 2009-2010 national
dues will be $49; of this total $46 will be tax deductible
and $3 will be designated for the AAUW Action Fund.

Patricia emphasized that the core mission of education
and equity for women and girls will not change. In fact, the more            Patricia Ho
streamlined organization will make it easier to concentrate
on the mission.

Patricia discussed some of the specific bylaws to be discussed, possibly amended, and voted on. Some of the key provision are:                      

Restructure AAUW so that it is one corporation with a small subsidiary and governed by one board of directors.

Provide much more flexibility to branches and states to have the structure that works best for them. The only officers required by national will be an administrative contact and a financial contact.

Give every member a vote in electing the AAUW Board of Directors, approving the Public Policy Program, and amending the AAUW Bylaws in the future.

Welcome into AAUW membership all who support our mission by eliminating the
requirement that members have an earned degree. (This proposal is controversial.
Vermont members are split on this issue, although several Vermont branches and the
state accept community members without a degree.)

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