Middlebury Branch Officers 2018 - 2019

  Co-Presidents: Ann Straub 802-388-0639

​                           Peg Galgano  802-759-2164  

  Treasurer: Liane Barrera   802-388-7421

   Secretary: Janet Winkler  802-388-6855

For membership information please contact  Liane Barrera.

For program information, please contact Janet Winkler.

Middlebury Branch of AAUW

The Middlebury Branch of AAUW held its first organizational meeting in 1922. During the early days the branch assisted rural one and two room schools with money for their needs.  

Today we hold monthly meetings with speakers on a variety of topics; educational issues are a frequent subject. Occasionally we have meetings with Middlebury college students including international students. Friendships flourish within our branch and meetings usually allow some time for socializing. We typically start and end our program year with a potluck supper.

Our yearly fundraising event is a raffle. Members donate a variety of hand made items, art, foods, wine, and gift certificates and a raffle is held during our December meeting. Branch members choose one or more of our National AAUW Funds for fellowships and grants as the recipient of the money raised. The branch also awards a gift certificate to a Middlebury High School senior at graduation.

Sister-to-Sister is an organization run by Middlebury College students with support from the Middlebury Branch of AAUW. College students mentor middle school girls from Bristol, Middlebury and Vergennes. This is an opportunity for middle school girls to have time with college women and to be exposed to various fun activities. They have a web site to stay connected: http://middleburysistertosister.wordpress.com/

Each year a full-day summit is held in the fall. In 2004, four students with support from AAUW and Middlebury College's Womens' Resource Center at Chellis House produced the first summit with other college students participating in various capacities. It was a resounding success. Each succeeding summit has offered new experiences for the girls such as music, dance, yoga, and sign language. Discussions have centered on subjects like body image, identity, internet, relationships, goal setting, and popularity. Recents summits have included a variety of fun activities such as acapella singing, dancing, crafting, discussions, and more. Lunch and snacks are provided. 

The program has expanded over the years to also include monthly events such as log rolling, scavenger hunts, pumpkin carving, games nights, and other fun reasons for the sisters to spend time together. In its eleventh year, the Sister-to-Sister program continues to address the challenges facing middle school girls. The girls discover and celebrate their strengths, interests, and achievement with their Middlebury College mentors.

We welcome anyone who would like to attend a meeting. For information please telephone or email branch co-presidents Ann Straub or Peg Galgano.
AAUW advances equity for women  and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.