The Eureka Project:
Helping Girls Experience the Triumph of Discovery

This project was awarded a Community Action Grant
by the AAUW Educational Foundation for 2004-2006.

The Eureka Project was designed to show girls that science and engineering can be exciting and fun. Through a series of activities that they enjoy, participants are encouraged to discover scientific concepts on their own. Snacks and social time enable participants to get to know other young women who like science and math.

Field trips to businesses and labs within the greater Bennington area introduce the participants to the variety of technical careers available to young women. The hope is that some of the Eureka participants will consider a career in science, technology, engineering or math in the future.

The project is led by Gudrun Hutchins, a retired physicist with forty years experience in research and development, and CJ Brownell-Wilkins, a chemical engineer with ten years of industrial experience. The co-directors have designed all of the activities and lead the sessions with the assistance of members of the Bennington Branch of the American Association of University Women. Logistic support has been provided by the Bennington County School and Workforce Partnership.

In the first year (2004-2005) the participants of the Eureka Club were 8th grade girls at the Mount Anthony Union Middle School. During the second year (2005-2006) some of last year's participants are continuing the Eureka Club for 9th grade girls at the Mount Anthony Union High School. A Eureka Club for a new group of 8th grade girls has been formed at the Middle School.

.American Association of University Women of Vermont