AAUW of Vermont Convention in Middlebury
Convention Business April 5, 2003

Vermont Leaders for 2003 - 2004

The following Vermont Leaders were re-elected:

Gudrun Hutchins -- Communication Coordinator

Louise Luring -- Membership / Diversity Coordinator

Raylene Lissor -- Public Policy Coordinator

Treasurer -- Jenifer Ambler

C/U Coordinator -- Kathleen Balutansky

The following Vermont Leaderswill continue in office for the second year of
their term:

President -- Dorothy Rand

EF Coordinator -- Andrea Weisberg

LAF Coordinator -- Kathy Corrao

Membership Eligibility Bylaw Amendment for National
Membership in AAUW to be debated in Providence

A. A substantial majority of members present at the meeting voted to extend
membership to all individuals who support the mission and goals of AAUW. 
They authorized the Vermont delegation to vote for Version A of the
Membership Bylaws Amendment

B. If version A does not pass, the Vermont convention body authorized the
Vermont delegation to vote for Bylaws Amendment B extending membership
to all individuals holding an Associate degree. The convention body also
authorized the Vermont delegates to introduce an amendment to Bylaws
Amendment B that would extend membership to any individual with the
equivalent of two years of full time study at at a qualified educational

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