We are joined in our commitment to achieve quality education for women and girls over the life span and to promote equity for women and girls in all walks of life. To achieve these goals, we are active in our communities and lobby Members of Congress and the Vermont Legislature on issues related to equity and education for women.

AAUW of Vermont has four active local branches with a total membership of approximately 165. You can obtain more  information about our branches in the Vermont Branches section of this site. Many AAUW events are open to the public and cover a wide variety of interests.

We also have approximately 150 national members of AAUW living within our state who are not associated with a branch. All national members are welcome to attend any state or branch meeting and to work with us in our programming and lobbying efforts. To join AAUW please contact an AAUW member within your area or telephone or email a branch contact listed on the Vermont Branches page of this site.

Vermont AAUW welcomes all individuals -- with or without a college degree -- to become branch and state members, if they support our mission. All Vermont AAUW members with a 2 year Associates degree or higher college degree are automatically members of National AAUW, a 100,000-member organization with headquarters in Washington D.C.

For a brief account of the history and accomplishments of
AAUW of Vermont please click the link below. This short speech was given at the celebration of our 90th birthday in 2010.
AAUW advances
equity for women
and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
For additional information about AAUW of Vermont, please contact one of the following Vermont members: 

Margaret Galgano  AAUW-VT President  802-759-2164

Gudrun Hutchins  AAUW-VT Communications  802-823-7220

Website Manager:  Gudrun Hutchins

last update: March 27, 2014

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The Vote for Restructuring
AAUW of Vermont Was Unanimous!

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